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Premium German Beer Bringing Chicago the finest beer Germany has to offer available in kegs and/or bottles.
Reds, Whites, Specialty, and Festival Wines Imported from Fishborn and Wolf Wineries, these wines are always a crowd pleaser.
Spirits and Liquers for Any Occasion Our relationship with the Carl Flimm Company provides incredible spirit and liquer options.

Schumacher Imports

Schumacher Imports has been importing and serving the Chicago region since the 1970’s. Schumacher offers a focused selection of premium quality products for retail locations, innovative bartenders, and mixologists. Our goals are to provide prompt and courteous service and deliver, offer helpful and accurate information and advice, and to provide the highest quality products at a good price.



We import premium German beer directly to Chicago. Pilsners and Hefe-Weis beer in different sizes for any event.



We specialize in red and white wines from the Fischborn and Wolf Wineries as well as specialty and festival wines.



We import spirits from the Carl Flimm Company, directly imported into Chicago, and ready to bring amazing flavor to your bar and restaurant.

Our knowledge, expertise, and experience allows us to maintain our status as
a leading importer and distributor of the finest quality products.
Beer / Bier

Beer Products

BBK Pilsner

BBK Pilsner

Crisp, refreshing German pilsner beer to enjoy anytime

Available in:
50L Keg

Wurzburger Hofbrau Pilsner

Wurzburger Hofbrau Pilsner

A pure Bavarian beer brewed since 1643

Available in:
50L Keg or 11.2 Bottle 24/cs

Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss

Julius Echter Hefe-Weiss

A Premium Wheat Beer

Available in:
50L Keg or 16oz Bottle 20/cs

Our sales staff is ready to serve your purchasing needs.
Wine / Wein

Wine Products

Riesling Trocken

Riesling Trocken - 750ml

Dry white floral notes with hints of honey and peach

Cabernet Trocken

Cabernet Trocken - 750ml

Premium red wine with dry fruit notes with a wonderful smooth taste

Chardonnay Trocken

Chardonnay Trocken - 750ml

Premium white wine with plum and honeydew notes aged in fine wood barrels

Fisch Dry Reisling Sparkling

Sparkling Riesling - 200ml

Premium sparkling riesling with subtle dry and sweet notes.

Spatlese Kerzel Kerner

Spatlese - 750ml
(Kerzel Kerner)

Floral and spicy, lightly acidic white wine

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio - 750ml

Dry white wine, flavors of almond, peach, pear, and raisin

Dornfelder Half Trocken

Dornfelder Half Trocken - 750ml

Full bodied half dry red wine. Sour cherry, blackberry, elderberry, and vanilla.

Dornfelder Trocken

Dornfelder Trocken - 750ml

Soft and delicate dry German red wine with a fruity aroma and flavor.

St. Joseph Kellerbruder

St. Joseph Kellerbruder - 1L

Full flavor and deep aroma for this fine table wine


Gluehwein - 1L

Spiced red wine which is traditionally served warm around holidays.


Moselblumchen - 1L

German white wine that is mild and soft in flavor and texture.

Spirits and liquers provide a rich and robust flavor ideal for any occasion.
Spirits / Likör

Spirits Products


Apflekorn - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Apple liqueur, 50 Proof


Obstler - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Pear/Apple brandy, 76 Proof


Plum - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Plum liqueur, 40 Proof


Kabanes - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Smooth herbal bitters, 64 Proof


Persico - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Cherry/Peach liqueur, 50 Proof


Dopplekorn - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Distilled Rye Vodka Neutral Spirit, 76 Proof


Peach - 1L
(Carl Flimm GmbH)

Peach liqueur, 44 Proof

Cold River Vodka

Cold River Vodka - 750ml
(Single Item)

Small batch potato vodka, 80 Proof


Killepitsch - 1L
(Single Item)

Herbal liquor dating back to mid 1800s, 84 Proof

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